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Meet the Staff

Yellow Wagon has been the best choice for our kiddo. We were attending another preschool before yellow wagon but due to the pandemic our old preschool was closed down. Luckily enough, Yellow Wagon was up and running while our old preschool continued to be shut down. Our son who had some hurdles to get over, was able to flourish in a way we had not seen from him. Rachel and Amy are incredible. They have been able to help him tackle and overcome those obstacles and prepare him for big kid school. I would be lost without them. I am so grateful for this school and the teachers. I would highly recommend Yellow Wagon to anyone. It is truly a blessing to have had such a wonderful experience and warm loving teachers. I really feel like when I drop him off, he is loved and cared for the same way he is at home. 
-Shalene S.

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