Why is your program 4 hours and not a full day or 2 hours like most?

At Yellow Wagon we want to fill the kids with the most fun learning games and activities we have to offer. With that being said, we don't have enough time for all of it in a 2 hour program. If you family is able to only do half days, whether you're a SAHM (or dad), or have flexibility to do half days it saves you quite a pretty penny too! All while your child learns to interact with peers and gives you a well deserved break!

Is there any enrollment fee?
1. One-time $70 enrollment fee and $30 for each additional child in the family to enroll. 

What ages do you accept?
We accept 3-5 years old. Children must be potty trained in order to attend.

Do you provide meals?
Yes, we provide one morning snack. Since, school does not get out until 12, we make sure their morning snack holds them over until lunch time at home!

Do you screen your staff? Are they certified?

Yes, all employees go through criminal background check. They are also required to have their CPR/First aid and do at least 15 hours of child development class to help us further understand the little minds.

How many children do you have per teacher?
At Yellow Wagon we strive to have very small teacher to child ratios. Depending on the class our ratios will very. We will never have more than 8:1 teacher.

Whats your discipline policy?
Here at Yellow Wagon we start with redirecting if a child isn’t behaving. After they have had a few warnings we then use the countdown method (1—2—3). If by three they have not done what we have asked, they will be asked to sit in our calming center. There they will be able to choose from a selected materials, to draw, look or read until they are able to calm down and talk to the teacher. 

Do you use the television? How much?
Children are here to be social and interact with their peers. We do not do any screen time unless it is a special song time or a holiday party.

What holidays do you celebrate?

We celebrate all holidays! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, NYE, Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day and Easter. We are open to learning and teaching children other holidays if your family celebrates something special.

Yellow Wagon Preschool established in 2015.