Face Masks
Yellow Wagon teachers are fully-vaccinated and wear face masks for the entire duration of each class. Students are not required to wear face masks while in class, however, we support parents and students in their decision should they choose to wear one.

Proper handwashing is emphasized throughout the school day for both students and teachers. Each student is expected to thoroughly wash their hands prior to beginning morning activities, before eating, and after using the restroom.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up
At drop-off parents or caregivers will be asked a brief set of questions to ensure their child is healthy and does not pose a risk of being positive for COVID-19. At pick-up, a teacher will bring their child to meet them at the door. Parents and caregivers are required to wear face masks at both pick-up and drop-off. Signing in of each student will be completed by a teacher.


COVID-19 Exclusion Chart